Tablet and Capsule Feeder



The BD Tablet and Capsule Feeder is a dedicated feed system suitable for OEM or retro fit to a large range of tablet blister machines.


Ideally suited for use on intermittent motion machines it is now available for use on continuous motion machines. This gives you the flexibility to transfer the unit between intermittent and continuous motion machines.


The BD Tablet and Capsule Feeder is suitable for feeding tablets, caplets, soft and hard gel capsules, feeding a standard feed area of up to 410mm draw x 300 width.


A smaller footprint allows for multiple units to be mounted together for dedicated feeding of multiple product packs.


Feeder control is via colour touch screen HMI.

Available with or without guarding, May be interlocked to your existing fully guarded blister machine or supplied with interlocked safety guard designed to fit your tooling


Double draw facility allows for higher machine speeds without compromising feeder efficiency.


One touch tooling clamps allow for quick and easy tooling changes.


Minimal use of external fixings in drive units and change parts allows for good GMP.


Can be supplied with adaptor brackets to allow other makes of feeder tooling to be used


Modular backplane allows for minimal downtime


Bulk product is fed into the feed hopper, either automatically from a bulk feed system or manually. The hopper motion and contour machining of the hopper and top of the feed tube orientate the product into the feed tube.


The size and shape of the feed tube aperture is dimensionally critical to orientate and control the product, avoid `shingling’ and allow the product to pass freely through


As the blister machine performs a forming cycle a signal is given to the Feeder to instigate a feed cycle.


During the feed cycle the upper gating plate holds back the line of orientated product while the lower gating plate releases a single product per feed tube allowing it to fall freely through the outfeed tracks.


The tooling is lowered close to the web allowing the outfeed block assembly to guide the product into the formed pocket.


The profiling of the outfeed tracks allows the product to pass freely through and orientates it correctly to the blister pocket.


After performing a single feed cycle the outfeed rises off the web to allow the blister machine to index and perform it’s next forming cycle without contact with the web.

Feeder Change Parts


Butland designs Feeder Change Parts have three main component assemblies:-

Product Hopper Assembly

Gating Assembly

Outfeed Assembly


The Product Hopper Assembly


Product Hopper is designed to accommodate a measured amount of product and to orientate this product into the feed tubes.

As the Hopper moves up and down the hopper rises and falls relative to the feed tubes. This motion orientates the product into the tubes ready for gating.


The Gating Assembly


The Gating Assembly consists of a Baseplate holding the Feed Tubes which pass through the Upper and Lower Gating Plates.

The two gating plates run in Guides which also hold the Outfeed Assembly.


The feed tubes are uniquely designed for each product. The tube bores are shaped and sized to prevent shingling. If a product appears prone to shingling a two part profiled feed tube may be specified to overcome this.

When a signal to feed is received the Upper Gate will close to hold back the column of product while the Lower Gate will open to allowing a single product to fall.


Outfeed Assembly


The Outfeed Assembly consists of a Feed Nest into which the Feed Tracks and Feed Track Cover are assembled to form a series of profiled slots which are designed to guide the product into the formed web at the optimum angle.


Double Draw


For higher line speeds Feeder Change Parts may be specified as Double Draw. When switched to Double Draw the feeder will feed two machine draws on every second draw cycle. This allows the blister line to run at double the speed of the feeder, allowing for higher line speeds especially useful when dealing with products that are particularly friable or prone to poor collection

Bulk Product Feeder


The optional Bulk Product Feeder consists of a Stainless Steel Bulk Hopper which is fitted with an adjustable rubber outfeed flap. This controls the flow of product into the Vibrator Sieve Tray.

The sieve tray is mounted on a Linear Vibrator which will operate when required to maintain an optimum Product Level in the Product Hopper. This is controlled by a Hopper Level Sensor.  Vibrator speed is adjustable.


Multiple Linear vibrator units can be mounted to a single base unit to allow bulk feed to a Multi/Split Hopper system for feeding multiple products into the same blister pack.

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