Blister Tooling


Butland Designs Ltd are able to call on their years of experience in the design and manufacture of blister machine change part tooling.




Blister machine tooling is always manufactured to the same high standards that our customers have come to expect. All aluminium tooling is supplied with a hard anodised finish for maximum tooling life.




We are able to manufacture tooling to suit any blister machine, following an on site survey and provision of sample tools, if requested.



Below is a list of machines that we have experience in manufacturing whole or part tooling sets for:

Bosch/ Servac 80, 160, PH2

Bosch TLT 1400, TLT 1560     

CAM M80, M82, M90, M92

Famar RM 200

Farcon FA2, FA4

Formapack 170

Harro Hoflinger PFM2

IMA C60, C65, C80, C90,

Winpack TR 130, TR 135

IWKA BP 100, BP 300, BPR

Klockner/ Mediseal CP2, CP5, CP8, CP10, CP 400

Marchesini MB 420, MB 421, MB 440, MB 451

Noack 623, 760, 920

Uhlmann KP1, UPS 1.1, UPS 2/ 2.1, UPS 3, UPS 4, UPS 200, UPS 300, UPS 1020, UPS 1030, UPS 1040, B1240, B1260

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